‘HAYAH is an ancient name or word from religious texts.

It appears as HYH or EIE in early religious writings.

In Hellenized Hebrew which modern Jews use, it is pronounced ‘HAYAH, it is interpreted by Jews as to be, or to exist or to breath.

Life itself is ‘HAYAH

The importance of the word ‘HAYAH was explained by Rabbi Sollog in 1995, since the proper form only appears in the Moses verses of Exodus where Moses has a conversation with ‘God’ and God says,


Translated in English as “I am who I am”.

SOLLOG explained this verse should really be interpreted ‘HAYAH is ‘HAYAH, since the usage was a noun or name. In other words THE LORD is THE LORD.

EIE is actually the correct way to transliterate ‘HAYAH since the Torah or Books of Moses are not even ‘Hebrew’ as modern Jews think they are. The Torah is simply phonetic Sumerian as Sollog revealed in his book ORIGIN OF GOD.

In Sumerian E is often used to express a Temple, it also means to speak or cry out or pray.

E – I – E in ancient Sumerian mistranslated as HYH by Hellenized Jews means Temple of Prayer. The most ancient meaning of ‘HAYAH.

To fulfill some biblical prophecies about the TRUE NAME of the LORD being written in the final days upon the FINAL TEMPLE OF THE LORD, Sollog formed two things in 1995 one day apart.

The Church of Philadelphia in New Jerusalem

Followed by TOH Temple Of ‘HAYAH.

This opened and closed the last church in Philadelphia and created the FINAL TEMPLE OF THE LORD that has existed upon the earth since 1995 when TOH was Formed.

‘HAYAH is an important biblical name that was chosen to close the era of biblical Prophecy by SOLLOG and open the NEW AGE of Truth where humanity can learn to love all things as ONE since ONE exists within all living things.

ONE is all there is.

The ultimate TRUTH has been revealed.


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