THE PROPHET SOLLOG is the founder of TOH Temple Of ‘Hayah and also the Nation Of One.

THE PROPHET SOLLOG is a proven modern day PROPHET of LORD GOD ALMIGHTY whose Prophecies are world famous.

THE PROPHET SOLLOG is the only person on this earth that clearly warned the world that LORD GOD ALMIGHTY was about to create a GREAT SHIFT and ERASE JESUS THE MESSIAH.

Now we can see THE PROPHET SOLLOG is THE TRUTH and the LIVING WORD OF LORD GOD ALMIGHTY since GOD ERASED THE MESSIAH from Bibles all over the world.

THE PROPHET SOLLOG and his Prophecies are world famous and have been discussed all over the internet for over 20 years.

The simple fact is you can research his Prophecies and find they were all issued for FREE to public Usenet since 1995 and they are all TIME STAMPED proving to any seekers of truth that Sollog is a living breathing PROPHET and he walks the earth fulfilling the ancient prophecies of the world’s great theologies.

Sollog and TOH teachings unit all previous beliefs, by showing the uniting elements contained in the doctrines of all former religious paths.

The Nation Of One is the safe zones where members of TOH and the Nation Of One are relocating to to survive the coming events.

1. Nuclear Terrorism and War

2. Future Asteroid Strikes

Many are about to perish in nuclear terrorism and nuclear war, UNLESS THE WORLD UNITES from the GREAT SHIFT and realize every religion was false and THE LIVING GOD ALMIGHTY has sent THE PROPHET SOLLOG to guide us in this age.

Many may also perish from near asteroid strikes that create large Tsunami’s that wipe out most low laying areas on earth if mankind does not UNITE and FOLLOW THE PROPHET SOLLOG‘s guidance. THE PROPHET SOLLOG is the last chance for humans of THIS WORLD to change and change this planet to LOVE EVERYONE as THEY LOVE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

Followers of THE PROPHET SOLLOG are migrating now to the SAFE ZONES which are three high mountain ranges in South America, Canada and China. Since they understand the heart of mankind has been hardened and many will now refuse to believe in THE TRUTH that THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY erased the word Messiah so the children of LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will obey THE PROPHET SOLLOG and live humbly upon this new paradise far from the Urban Jungles of Technology where humans are walking zombies lost in a fake virtual world of the Spiders Web the World Wide Web. They have lost their humanity and now are brainless zombies unable to SEE THE TRUTH that is now upon our wonderful world.

SAFE ZONES are part of the Nation Of One and TOH is the theology of the SAFE ZONES.

Nation Of One

Temple Of ‘Hayah


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